Move, feel & perform better in record time!

Unlock your true potential with the 1:1
coaching program of Neurotraining Institute.

Skyrocket athletic performance

Run faster, jump higher, get stronger, react quicker.

Get rid of pain & movement

Move without aches & pains.

Boost brain

Skyrocket your energy levels, concentration & focus.


Markus really helped me unleash some of my hidden potential. My mobility & overall focus skyrocketed!

Markus' coaching was life changing! I felt the effects right away!

Markus's helped me get rid of chronic knee pain in record time!

Used & trusted by athletes from:

Here's why you're missing out if you're not following a brain-based approach:

Fact #1

The brain is in charge of everything! Pain, movement, performance, ... EVERYTHING.

Fact #2

Lacking the proper knowledge around neurology & brain function won't allow you to get to the root of your problems.

Fact #3

Neuroscience has revolutionized lots of old beliefs and strategies in the health & fitness industry.


You fail to achieve your goals and waste endless amounts of time and money to find the solution to your problems.

Who's the program for:

Professional Athletes

Professional, or amateur athletes from various sports (soccer, football, basketball, martial arts, tennis, ...)

Hobby Athletes/ Youth Athletes

Health enthusiasts, busy executives, youth athletes - everyone that needs to perform at the highest level.

A coaching program is only going to work if..

 You're following strategies that deliver fast & motivating results

You are able enjoy he process and con easily adhere the plan

You can use the gained knowledge and strategies for the rest of your life

Why are our results so good?

With us you're not getting a cookie cutter plan, but a cutting-edge coaching, which means:


Premade plans

Individualized plan perfectly tailored to your nervous system, movement patterns & goals


Time-consuming strategies

Time efficient strategies that will help you achieve your goals in half the time


Outdated approach & methods

Cutting-edge techniques & strategies based on the latest (neuro) science findings


Boring training methods

Fun training methods that are easy to integrate in your daily schedule.

Unlock your true movement & performance potential.

Here's few of many success stories:

Shoulder Mobility Before

Shoulder Mobility After

Shoulder Mobility Before

Play Video

Shoulder Mobility After

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One Leg Squat - Before

Play Video

One Leg Squat - After

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Better Brain =
Better Athlete

Patryk Klimala
Pro Soccer Player

Kevin Anderson
Tennis Legend

Tyson Fury, Christian Thun

Adam Helcelet
Olympic Track Athlete

Nathan Pellissier
Paralympic Medalist

Kaja Juvan
ATP Tennis Pro

Here's how you can get started:

Step 1: Fill out questionnaire

In order to achieve excellent results for our athletes, we can only serve a handful of people at a time. To find out if you meet some basic requirements, please fill out the questionnaire.

Step 2: Short interview

If your application is promising, someone from our team will contact you and analyze your situation and goals.

Step 3: Free strategy session

In our strategy session we’ll develop an action plan as to how we can unlock your true movement & performance potential.

What happens in the strategy session?

Good preparation is half the battle. In our free initial consultation, one of our professionals will work out your strategy with you. We will identify what’s holding you back from unlocking your full potential and what steps are necessary to crush your goals.

This is what happens next..


Comprehensive Neuro & Movement Assessments

  • Comprehensive assessments of brain & nervous system
  • Examination off the brain’s input systems (visual, vestibular, proprioceptive, etc.)
  • Assessments of brain areas, reflexes, cranial nerves & neurotransmitters
  • Analysis of movement patterns, gait and posture


Program & Strategy

  • Neurotraining to boost brain function and unlock true performance potential
  • Strength & Movement exercises to allow you to move without limitations and get stronger
  • Nutritional strategies & hacks to improve health, brain function & performance
  • Brain-based sleep & lifestyle hacks to boost recovery & overall health


Ongoing Support &

  • 1:1 support for questions and maximal results
  • Weekly Check-Ins to track our progress 
  • Personalized app with detailed video instructions
  • Video analysis of all exercises & drills
  • Live Zoom Calls for individual support

Your coach Markus Schreyer

Markus Schreyer is a health & performance specialist who has made a name for himself as one of the world’s leading experts in blending neuroscience and fitness. With a background in sports science, Markus has developed some of the most cutting-edge techniques and methods to optimize human movement and performance.

He has extensive experience working with elite level athletes from various sports, and is highly respected in the industry for his expertise about the brain.

In addition to his work with athletes, Markus is also the founder of the Neurotraining Institute, an institute that provides global education for health and fitness professionals. Through the institute, Markus has educated students from all over the world, with participants from all continents and over 20 different countries.